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Message From M D

With advancement in technology and teaching learning methodologies, there need to be international practical way of acquiring knowledge and skills. Keeping these things in mind Everest Education & Holidays Pvt. ltd. was established to nurture youths and children with knowledge and skills from highly qualified and certified teachers and counselors trained from different countries and different international universities.

In addition, this organization also conducts skill-oriented programs targeting different age groups. Also, Everest Education has been devoted to remove educational perversion that are prevailing in so called modern style of learning. In order to do so, our organization actively conducts different programs like Abacus training for mental development and logical thinking of children, teacher’s training programs to foster effective communication between students and teachers, DMIT to figure out inborn intelligence of children, parenting for ensuring better family environment and many more. Everest Education is home of innovative way of developing creative minds and behavior pattern of children through our experienced staffs and trainers. In addition, we also participate in different national and international competitions in order to test our students’ capability and knowledge. We are more than proud to let you know that we believe in results than vague quotes and our students representing Nepal became runner up in International Abacus Olympiad is a proof of our hard work which keeps us motivating to increase our efforts so that we can represent Nepal and win something for our country in such a prestigious competition. We also collaborate with different International Universities, Research Agencies and Training institutes to empower our students in order to gain skills and experience in selected fields.

Lastly, our motto is to enhance logical and creative thinking through our different programs and to develop safe modern way of teaching learning methodologies in order to insure better and successful future of our students.


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